Bolton (Great Lever)

Our Great Lever branch provides children with ample space outdoors to explore, play, and connect with nature. The outdoor environment offers endless opportunities for outdoor learning and physical activities.

Discover Boundless Fun and Growth in Our Purpose-Built Physical Development Room!

At Shining Stars Nursery we believe that physical development is a crucial part of your child’s overall growth and well-being. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer a state-of-the-art Physical Development Room, complete with an exciting ball pool area, designed to ignite their imagination and foster their physical abilities.

Here’s what makes our Physical Development Room a favourite among children and parents alike:

Safe and Stimulating Environment: Our purpose-built facility is specifically designed with your child’s safety in mind. Equipped with soft flooring and age-appropriate

equipment, it provides a secure space for your little one to explore, play, and develop their motor skills.

Ball Pool Adventure: Imagine the delight on your child’s face as they dive into a colourful sea of soft balls! Our ball pool area sparks their imagination, encourages sensory exploration, and promotes coordination and balance. It’s an enchanting


Space where they can jump, slide, and immerse themselves in endless hours of joy-filled play.

Expert Guidance and Engagement: Our dedicated staff members are trained to facilitate and guide your child’s physical development journey. They create engaging activities that promote strength, flexibility, and coordination, ensuring each child’s unique needs are met. Our team is always there to provide gentle encouragement, support, and supervision as your child explores and grows.

Holistic Development: We understand that physical development is just one piece of the puzzle. Our Physical Development Room is seamlessly integrated with our comprehensive curriculum, allowing your child to experience a holistic approach to early education. By combining play, movement, and learning, we foster their cognitive, social, and emotional growth while nurturing their physical abilities.

Parent Involvement: We believe in the power of collaboration between parents and educators. Our Physical Development Room is a space where you can actively participate in your child’s growth. Join us for special parent-child sessions, where you can witness first-hand the incredible progress your little one is making while strengthening the bond between you.

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