We understand that when it comes to choosing a nursery for the first time it can be a little daunting and you will have lots of questions. We are more than happy to answer the questions personally, however in the meantime please see below to find the most common questions asked which you may find helpful.


How early do I need to put my child’s name down to secure a place at Shining Stars Nursery?

We recommend you secure your child’s place as soon as to guarantee that you can have the sessions and time to suit your needs as the popular sessions can fill up very fast.

What is the procedure of securing a place for my child?

We have an open-door policy where all parents are more than welcome to come and view the nursery and complete all the relevant paper work. You simply need to ring in on the day and arrange a viewing time with the Manager or you may contact us via email. To fully secure your child’s place, a small deposit may be requested.

What is the settling in process before my child is due to start nursery?

To ensure a smooth transition to nursery all our children are invited for settling in sessions. We recommend 2-3 depending on how well your child adapts to their new surroundings, children and practitioners. Parents are invited for a one to one meeting with the room leaders prior to their child’s start date so that all the relevant information can be shared with them i.e. who your child’s key worker will be, tapestry information, nursery uniforms, routines etc.

What does my child need to bring to nursery when they start?

Please provide a bag which will include a spare pair of clothes, socks, underwear (plenty if toilet training!) any long-term medication which will be kept in the medicine cabinet. Depending on the age of your child: nappies and wipes, nappy cream, formula milk, breast milk in bottle labelled, sterile bottles, comforter/dummy. We advise all parents to label all their children’s belongings with their full name including coats, hats and shoes.

What are the opening and closing times of the nurseries?

Our opening and closing times from Monday to Friday is 7am to 6pm. All four settings are open 52 weeks in the year and are closed on Bank Holidays. We also close for two festive days during the year.

How often are your nurseries inspected by OFSTED?

OFSTED inspections take place approximately once every cycle, this is normally between 2 and 5 years. New settings are inspected with 2½ years of opening.


Do all staff hold relevant childcare qualifications?

All our staff are qualified Level 3 in childcare or higher. Staff who do not hold a level 3 qualification are currently studying towards one. All staff are First Aid trained and hold the relevant Food Hygiene qualification.

Are all staff DBS checked? If so how often are they renewed?

Yes, it is part of our vetting process to ensure all staff have a DBS check completed when they first start Shining Stars Nursery. Every 6 months we complete a Staff Suitability check and the DBS checks are updated yearly.

What are staff to child ratios at Shining Stars Nursery?

The ratios, as outlined by Early Years Statutory Framework, are:

0-2 Years Old1 adult:3 children
2-3 Years Old1 adult:4 children
3-4 Years Old1 adult:8 children
EYP/QTS ratio1 adult:13 children

Are the same staff based in each room so there is continuity?

Each setting and each room has the same team throughout with a Room Leader appointed in each room, when staff are on leave or off sick, we have additional staff who the children are also familiar with.


My child has a set routine how will they adapt to the nursery routine?

At Shining Stars Nursery, it is our duty to ensure that your child has a smooth transition from home life to nursery. Therefore, when they initially start nursery we will adapt their routine at home into nursery and work alongside the parents to support the settling of their child and work on routine which will suit both home and nursery.

What sleeping facilities does the nursery provide?

Our sleeping facilities depend on the age of your child. In our baby rooms we have cots for their sleep time and all children 2 and above we provide sleeping beds. When the children transition from the baby room to toddler room we will work with the parents to help them move from a cot to bed.

Do I need to provide bedding for my child?

We require all parents to provide one sheet and one blanket. This is stored in a draw/bag with their full name labelled on it at nursery. At the end of the week we will send home the blankets for washing.


Do you have a Halal Menu?

Yes. All meat and poultry cooked at Shining Stars Nursery is Halal Certified. We provide a range of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian meal options to accommodate all.

What do you provide during the meal/snack times and when are they provided during the day?

All our settings have a nursery chef who prepares all the meals on site. Our chef uses fresh & healthy ingredients to prepare all the meals for our children. We have a four weekly menu which is reviewed every term.
08:00-08:30am Breakfast time Choice of cereals, toast, porridge and fresh fruit.
10:00-10:30am Morning Snack time Variety of fresh fruit, and light snacks such as breadsticks, crackers and toast. Milk and water available throughout the day.
12:00-12:30pm Lunch time Fresh hot meals and puddings served daily with a salad bar. Request from the nursery for further information regarding our lunch menu.
13:45-14:15pm Afternoon Snack time Variety of fresh fruit, and light snacks such as breadsticks, crackers and toast. Milk and water available throughout the day.
16:00-16:30pm Tea time Variety of healthy hot and cold tea served daily such as waffles and beans, quesadillas & sandwiches. Request from the nursery for further information regarding our tea menu.

What if my baby is not weaned yet when they start nursery?

At Shining Stars Nursery, we will work with the parents and create a weaning plan depending on which stage your child is at. We would follow the routine you have in place at home and gradually introduce the new foods to your child. If your child is eating precooked meals such as food jars/ready meal sachets we will ask the parents to provide this from home.

Where do the children have their meals at nursery?

During meal times our children sit around tables in their age specific room.  In order to allow our children to develop their independence skills we let them serve their meals in to their plates under the supervision of the teachers. Meal times provide an opportunity for our children to really engage and be sociable with their friends and teachers and good table manners are implemented.

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