What Ofsted has to say!

Ofsted 2023

“Children enjoy attending this warm and welcoming nursery. They form secure Attachments with staff who offer cuddles and reassurance when needed. Children Demonstrate that they feel safe and secure.”

“They are polite and use good manners as they play cooperatively together. Older children show kindness and concern for one another as they play alongside their younger friends. Children are learning to share and to take turns, and staff praise them for their efforts. Children are confident and have high levels of self-esteem.

“Children benefit from a broad range of learning experiences that help them to develop the skills they need in readiness for the next stage in their learning.Children are curious learners and show good levels of engagement and concentration.”

Children gain knowledge of how to keep themselves healthy, and make informed choices about healthy eating.The nursery’s efforts in ensuring that children benefit from healthy and nutritious meals have been acknowledged through an award”.

The nursery excels in providing a warm and welcoming environment where children form secure attachments with staff. Children feel safe, secure, and confident, displaying good manners and cooperative play.

Children benefit from a diverse range of learning experiences that prepare them for the next stage of their education. They are curious learners who engage well and concentrate effectively during activities involving art and physical skills.

“Children are welcomed into this inclusive nursery, where they develop and learn together harmoniously.”

Shining Stars Nursery | Preston | Blackburn | Bolton